How much do your services cost?
Our services are at no cost to you.

Why can’t I get a car seat?
Keeping your child safe is very important to us as we know it is to you. Using a previously owned car seat can be dangerous. It is too hard to know if the seat has been in a previous accident. If so the structure could have been damaged and cause injury to your child.

How do I go about getting material goods needed for my child?
Come in to our office and speak with one of our representatives. They will have you fill out a form and check our Rainbow room for the supplies you need. We have a new point system for all of our clients called “Earn While You Learn.” Take some of our free classes, earn points and use those points to purchase your items in our mercantile.

Do you preform abortions or refer for abortions?
No we do not but, we would be happy to visit with you about abortion procedures and some of the risks.

Do you hand out birth control pills?
No we do not dispense any medications, as we are not a medical facility.